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We'd like to introduce you! Emma G (aka Dark Sister) and DJ Marshall. We are the RULEBREAKERZ!! Just to give you a little background on ourselves....

We became very close friends about 8 years ago, which turned into more than that 3 years later ...during this time we realised we both had a MASSIVE passion for music....particularly underground dance music. We both had a past working in the scene DJing/Dancing/Promoting since the late 90s, but both had a desire to take that further and produce/sing/songwrite/perform our own tracks. We started brainstorming ideas and soon realised that we worked really together coming up with ideas for tracks, and have decided to go for it! .....And here we are! We thank you all in advance and welcome all feedback, advice, and support on here. PLUR from us, the RULEBREAKERZ